Dreaming of the iPhone

Sometimes I’m an early adopter and sometimes I wait a while. With the iPhone, I’ve waited and I’d love to pull the trigger and get one in the next few weeks.

I currently have a Blackberry through T-Mobile that is out of contract and I have a plain old Motorola phone with Verizon. The iPhone would replace the Blackberry and its service.

The pros of the iPhone: Well, it’s cool and it has some great software on it.
The cons of the iPhone: AT&T service isn’t so great in my town, it’s almost twice as expensive as the Blackberry service I have now, and there’s an initial outlay of cash of $200 to $300 (depending on the model) for the phone itself.

As I calculate it, the iPhone would cost me about $2125 over a two-year contract (including the cost of the phone and taxes). If I keep the Blackberry, it would cost about $800 for the service. This is a difference of $1325 over two years, or $55 per month.

The primary question I have to ask myself is, do I get $55 of productivity over the Blackberry out of the phone each month? The Blackberry costs me about $30 per month, or a dollar a day. I can sort of justify the cost of the Blackberry because I get email throughout the day and it has helped me a number of times to save a trip back to my computer to get some information I forgot to bring with me.

Would I get another $2 per day of value from the iPhone? It’s hard to say. I don’t know that there’s one application on the iPhone that makes me say, Yeah, that would save me lots of time/money. I would love to think that there is, but I just don’t see it right now.

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