Video as a percentage of traffic vs. as a percentage of page views

Today I got the following message from someone in our company:

Thought this was interesting (see link below) … if true, that within a few years 88% of Internet traffic will be video views, it makes me wonder what we should be considering for our website. Link Here to

A good question, but looking deeper, the stat comes from a report by Cisco, here: Cisco VNI Forecast Highlights.

A little math helps us see what traffic vs. views means here.

Cisco says Ultra High Definition will be 14% of video traffic, HD will be 62.1%, and SD video will be 23.9%. Assuming each hour of video is about 1GB for SD, 3GB for HD and 9GB for UltraHD, a weighted average would be 3.362GB per hour of video watched.

Cisco thinks about 18.5 exabytes of video will be viewed each month. This leads us to about 5.88 billion hours of video per month. If an average video is about 30 minutes long (including 2-hour feature films, 25-minute TV shows, and 30-second cat videos), the average video will be 1.681GB and there will be 11.76 billion 30 minute videos viewed in the US each month.

The average web page today is about 1.6MB. In a few years, it might be 2MB. If 12% of all  traffic were web pages and not video, that leads us to 2.445 exabytes of web pages. At 2MB per page, that’s about 1.22 trillion web pages in a month, or 106 web pages per video watched, or 0.94% of traffic.

Depending on how you slice it, videos could be 88% of traffic or 0.94% of views.

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