Four Tips for Writing Facebook Ads that Convert to Customers

Over the last several years, social media has exploded. If you’re thinking about promoting a product or service of any sort on a budget, it would behoove you to think about whether running ads on Facebook could help move you toward your sales goals. But before you jump to buying ads, do you know the key factors that will cause a Facebook user to click on your ad? Continue reading

How Marketers’ Financial Assumptions Miss the Mark

I recently read an article by a gentleman (article found here) named Charles Warner. Mr. Warner has held some significant marketing positions, has written a textbook on marketing, and now teaches at The New School in New York.

The article is a long conversation on how to show a potential purchaser of advertising space (in this case a supermarket chain purchasing ads on a radio station) the return on advertising investment.

It’s a detailed article, but it confuses revenue with earnings.

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