Shouldn’t Apple Have Figured This Out?

I got a new MacBook Pro the other day and I went through the process of installing my software. I have a couple of Apple’s pro media suites (Final Cut and Logic Studio). I installed Logic, then Final Cut. I compressed some video, played with Logic a bit and all was good.

Then an odd thing happened when I opened Final Cut Pro. I got the following message:

You cannot open the application “Final Cut Pro” because it is not supported on this architecture.

It seemed odd. The same day I had done a Software Update and one of the items on the list was a fix to the NVIDIA video card, so I figured there might be an incompatibility.

Long story short, I was wrong. Apparently the order in which you install Apple’s Pro Media programs matters a great deal. Kind of like mixing acid and water (acid into water, not water into acid, by the way, which is a funny story how I learned that one).

The correct order is Final Cut Studio THEN Logic Studio. Don’t ask me why.

I called AppleCare to make sure I was right about this, and the nice young woman on the phone said, yes, I did it wrong. I should also reinstall the operating system if it’s not too much of a hassle because uninstalling the Pro Apps is near impossible.

I’m now backing everything up with SuperDuper! (a great program, by the way). I’ll soon have everything worked out. Hopefully.